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other feeds

Postby oldpot » Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:26 pm

i been messing about with the demo program and this is just want i need hope to be buying this very soon

question /i listion to the liveatc as well i tried to put a few feeds from there to try it and it did not work does this program just work for rr feeds only

2/ is there an update soon comming if so should i wait to buy ??

btw great little program this

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Re: other feeds

Postby EdmontonFireRadio » Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:26 pm

I have used the program for a few feeds from LiveATC.net, but you do have to play around with the squelch settings a bit as often the pilot or ATC audio is a little on the quiet side.

To enter the LiveATC.net feed:

Open the software but do not start scanning.

Select Bank Setup

Select "Add Manual Feed"

Enter the Name and URL of the feed

Click Add

When scanning, right click on the LiveATC feed and select the option to set squelch. Play with the adjustment until you find a setting that will work for that particular feed.

Make sure you save your settings before you exit the program, otherwise when you re open ScannerLive your changes will not be there.

Hope this helps,

Edmonton Fire Radio

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